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About Us
About Us

Firstly, welcome! NVQ Assessor has just had its 5-year anniversary! We have celebrated this by giving the site a brand-new coat of paint. But with a new coat of paint comes a renewed focus on our behalf to you.

The brand new NVQ Assessor is a site that provides more information than ever before. In the past we focused on simply referring; Assessor, IQA, Tutor and EPA jobs to the people we thought would need them. Now we have expanded into providing Industry News and Blog Articles all with the intent to become a more inclusive platform for your potential needs. We will not claim we are perfect, but it is not a bad goal to aim for!

As a small business, we live and thrive on the patronage of the people who visit our site. Therefore, to us, it is imperative that when people leave our platform, they are in better position to progress their career than when they visited. Because of this, we know we must produce content to the highest quality possible otherwise, we are not only failing ourselves but failing our commitment to you. So never go thinking we do not appreciate you, we do!

At NVQ Assessor we have formed close ties with industry leaders such as; Brooks and Kirk Limited, EAT jobs and S Knights Recruitment, all of which help us provide you with our platforms content. As such we would highly recommend you give them a visit and say NVQ Assessor sent you!

Hopefully this gives you a little insight into us here a NVQ Assessor. But we get it, actions speak louder than words. So go look around our site and tell us what you think on social media or through email:

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